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Aranzi Aronzo's Fukubukuro 2012 pt1

"What's Fukubukuro?  

 Fukubukuros (Lucky Bags) are surprise packages that are sold on the first sale of the New Year in Japan. We often make lines to buy  one as they always consist of more valuable products than the list prices fortunately, though they are sealed in order for the contents not to be seen. If you like those items inside, you are luckier. It's a kind of a lottery. That's why we call it the "Fuku"(lucky) -"bukuro" (bag). 
  ARANZI ARONZO sells Fukubukuros. On every first sale of the New Year, lots of customers form long, long lines in front of our shops from early cold morning. 
  ARANZI NET INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP has decided to launch the limited edition Aranzi Fukubukuro 2012 for overseas customers. This is the seventh year since we first started selling lucky bags. To our great pleasure, repeat buyers are increasing every year."
I never realized that EMS shipping from Japan was so quick. It took less then a week to arrive and I didn't have to paid any custom fees. So here's a list of the 2012 bag (14 items).
  1. aranzi clock
  2. aranzi container box (collapsible)
  3. aranzi hook (3 hooks out of 10 designs)
  4. big tote bag
  5. dragon hot spring towel
  6. dragon letter pad
  7. flip-flap memo
  8. mini gag glass set (4 glasses)
  9. plate set (4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 plates)
  10. poster calendar
  11. salt & pepper shaker
  12. tetsu foldable umbrella
  13. usagi laundry bag
  14. usagi sewing box
List 9-14 pictures will be posted later
And now the pictures:

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